MicrobesOnline Release Notes

October 2007 release notes

  • Over 400 new genomes
  • Thousands of new viruses and plasmids
  • New microarray data and interface (for some genomes)
    • Over 150 E.coli experiments imported from the Many Microbes Microarray Database
    • Compare expression patterns of selected genes
    • Dynamic search for other genes with similar expression
  • Fast sequence search (based on FastBLAST)
  • FastHMM, and a gene-domain alignment viewer
  • Links to genes with known regulation at RegTransBase
  • Links to proteins with solved structures at PDB
  • An improved species tree, including comparisons of alternate species trees
  • Trees for more gene families, and UI improvements to the gene tree browser
  • CRISPR sites and CRISPR spacer sites (for some genomes)
  • last updated November 8, 2007

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